Vote Lauren Stephens for Fresno County Supervisor - June 7th!
Vote Lauren Stephens for Fresno County Supervisor – June 7th!

If you live in Fresno County, you are lucky. If you live in Fresno’s 5th Supervisorial District, you are blessed (even if it doesn’t always seem like it!). We have it all – wide open spaces, horses, pickup trucks, agriculture, the Clovis Rodeo, the best schools in the valley, and we have all four seasons, including snow! Think China Peak – SNOW SKIING! We have a world class water park – Wild Water (season pass holder!), we have the best restaurants (and greasy spoons!), we have a National Park, we have the Blossom Trail, and we have lots of lakes and golf, golf and more golf!

I’m proud to say we have the most diverse and conservative district in Fresno County, but we will have to work very hard to keep it that way, because our district is facing some unique challenges, especially from neighboring municipalities who seem to think our land belongs to them.

If we wish to maintain our rural and suburban roots, traditions and values, we must be vigilant.

We all have a responsibility to make our government, and our community, the best it can be. Working together, we can achieve this goal!

Thank you to the people from all over the district who helped to put this campaign together so quickly. I am truly humbled by the support of such a wide range of people from business owners, parents, county employees, Veterans and many others. Please check out my issues pages to find out what I stand for, and please get in touch if there is anything I can do for you!

Lauren Stephens,
Candidate For Fresno County Supervisor, District 5