Video – My Opponents Reject Campaign Finance Reform, They Embrace The Status Quo.

Lauren Stephens is the ONLY candidate running for Fresno County Supervisor, District 5 who is pushing to permanently slash Supervisor salaries, which are currently over $110,000.00 a year, and getting higher and higher – while everyone else at the county is taking pay cut after pay cut.

Lauren believes that we must eliminate the unlimited Supervisor campaign contributions that have allowed special interests to buy our local politicians – this is the only race that allows unlimited donations.

All other candidates have vocally rejected these basic principles, despite the fact that they claim to be conservatives.

It is time we have someone who shares our values and will lead by example.

Rather than being endorsed by career politicians and special interest groups, Lauren is endorsed by local business owners, voters and activists from every spectrum who believe our local government is out of control.

We all have a responsibility to make our government, and our community, the best it can be. Working together, we can achieve this goal!

This is a non-partisan race, you do not need to change your party affiliation. There are only three candidates in this race, the top two will move forward to November.

Absentee ballots have already been mailed out. You have until May 23rd to register to vote or to change your voter registration (if you want to vote in the Presidential Primary).

Election day is June 7th!